Sunday, February 9, 2014

Best and Worst Dressed at the 2014 Olympic Opening Ceremonies

In the spirit of fashion and the Olympics, we decided it would be fun to rank the best (and worst) outfits from last night's Opening Ceremonies at the 2014 Sochi Winter Games.


1. France (designed by Lacoste) - So classic and simple.

2. Norway (designed by Mood) - Their sky blue pants were a breath of fresh air.

3. Germany (designed by Willy Bogner for Adidas) - For their unintentional social message and vibrant colour choice.

4. Poland (designed by OTCF, formerly 4F Sport Performance) - For their monochromatic ombre effect.

5. Sweden (designed by H&M) - For their on-trend, cobalt blue and unique fabric designs.

6. Russia (designed by BOSCO) - Because fur is the material of the season and the Russians know how to flaunt it.

7. Canada (designed by Hudson's Bay) - For their maple-leaf stamped mittens.


1. Bermuda (designer unknown) - Because shorts are never appropriate in the winter.

2. Tonga (designed by Willy Bogner) - Because palm trees and snow suits are an oxymoron.

3. USA (designed by Ralph Lauren) - Because ugly Christmas sweaters are so two months ago.

4. Japan (designed by Descente) - Because lab coats should be restricted to hospital settings only.

5. Lithuania (designed by Audimas) - Because green and yellow colours are meant for leprechauns.

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