Sunday, May 26, 2013

Statement Shoe Laces

Give your dress shoes a new kick this summer with statement shoe laces.  A bright coloured-lace can help to complement a bold pocket square or tie.  Not to mention, it will stand out in all settings from weddings to cocktail parties.

 Image courtesy of Maxton Men (visit

Visit Ian's Shoelace Site for coloured shoelaces at $1.79 each.  We recommend the round braided shoelaces for dress shoes.  There are 20 colours to choose from and in multiple sizes.  Use this handy size chart to determine the length of lace to purchase.  Most dress shoes are narrow with five pairs of eyelets.

Image courtesy of Ian's Shoelace Site.


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  2. Another great starting point would be There you can sort shoes by brand or by type (e.g. lace-ups, loafers, boots, etc.). There are literally thousands of selections to choose from!